HeyDay Weight Loss participants:

leaves orangeThe HeyDay programme is so innovative and helped me evaluate my eating on a broader level unlike any other diet. I now feel so confident and positive going forward. I’ve come so far in both a mental and physical capacity.” *


 “The online programme is brilliant and related to everyday life and every struggle around eating. It’s so leaves browngood to know I am not alone, and the support is like no other. It was the simple messages and advice I loved and that related to me.”


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“I’ve engaged with the HeyDay programme over the last year and in that time I’ve seen huge changes in my lifestyle and eating habits. Over time the programme empowered me to make positive changes with regards to my eating. I would recommend the programme to anyone who feels they are struggling with food.” *



leaves orange“I was so tired of hearing about the nutritional value of food and portions sizes and the fact we need more exercise- that’s not a solution for everyone. HeyDay has taken the guilt of out of my eating. It has helped me re-evaluate what I eat and why. It has improved my life in so many ways. I wish I had know about HeyDay years ago!” *


leaves grey“I’ve gradually started losing weight and I’m now enjoy food without the guilt. I feel so confident and happy in myself”. *

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HeyDay Weight Loss does not provide medical advice, active participation necessary to help you lose weight, combined with regular exercise and healthy eating. *

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