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HeyDay Weight Loss Success Stories

Neil’s Story and his weight loss journey with HeyDay Weight Loss
“My life is completely changed. I’m living my best life right now.” *

What has HeyDay’s online programme been like for you?

The support that the programme offers has been amazing. The video stories and advice from other people Neil heyday workshopovercoming weight challenges has been so helpful. The mindset exercises helped me address so many challenges, such as eating in the evenings, eating for stress, boredom. I’m so much happier in my daily life. The personal email reminders and advice has been a huge boost along the way.


Why did you join HeyDay?

I tried lots of different diets. I was always good for a couple of weeks, but then would end up eating all round me. I felt out of control with my eating, eating in the evenings, late at night. I was exhausted by it all. I needed a new approach and I also needed the support that this programme offers.

Tell me about your weight loss?

I was always a yo-yo dieter. But now I’ve lost 45lbs so far and I’ve maintained it. *

healthy weight loss

Niamh, feeling Fabulous by using Hey Day Weight Loss.
“I feel free from that exhausting cycle of overeating and restricting. It’s empowering”

How has the HeyDay programme changed your life?weight loss journey

I’m a very different person to the one who started this programme 3 months ago. Back then I was so anxious about my weight. It had really taken over. Now I really feel like I have made great progress and am well on my way to accomplishing my long-term goals. I don’t go to biscuit tin when I’m anxious, or bored! *

What has your weight loss been like?

I’ve lost 35lbs so far. It’s a great feeling.

What’s your top HeyDay tip?

Pause before eating, and ask yourself, “Is this the best way to care for myself?”

Start Today. We’ll help you every step of the way


HeyDay Weight Loss Participant Marie:

Marie, a 38-year old mother of two, works full-time as an accountant. She had tried many diets and her weight has fluctuated since her late teens.

During the first two weeks of a diet, Marie feels in control, but then something happens that causes her to overeat- a stressful situation or possibly an argument.  Sometimes in a restaurant, she finds it difficult to refuse food and ends up overeating. Marie has an all-or-nothing mentality, she eats two biscuits and thinks, ‘I’ve blown it. I may as well continue eating’.

Marie eats late in the evening and night,  hides the evidence, and then she feels guilty even a bit ashamed. While she is ‘good’ during the day, evenings are a struggle.

While so many areas of her life are good- she has a rewarding full-time career, raises her children well, has a good relationship with her husband, has close friends and enjoys a good social life, her weight and eating problems leave her feeling stuck in a rut. Marie likes to be in charge but working full-time in a demanding environment and looking after her family’s needs is challenging. While Marie has some good friends and a caring family, she finds it difficult to admit that she feels overburdened and to ask for help. She believes she should be able to cope without the help of others. For Marie, to ask for help would be an admission that she is not good enough.
Marie feels regretful and sad that her weight and eating difficulties have been such a strong focus in her life and have swallowed so much of her energy. She is concerned that her children will pick up her negative eating habits and behaviours.

HeyDay Weight Loss Solution

Marie attended Heyday workshops 2 years ago. She began to realise that her chaotic eating habits and patterns were more about her low levels of self-care and not just weight loss. She began to develop strategies to manage everyday stress so that she no longer turned to food. Marie brings these mindful eating strategies into her everyday life and continually practices them. After attending workshops, Marie joined the online program. Her weight has stabilised and she feels better about her quality of life. *

Marie’s Weight Loss Goals:

Marie outlined the following goals at the outset:
1. I would like to be able to make good decisions around food, for example, stop eating when I’m full, choose healthier foods.
2. I want to be a good example to my children. I don’t want them to grow up with an unhealthy relationship with food and an unhealthy body image.
3. I want to look in the mirror and like what I see instead of loathing my body.

Outcomes, weight loss success

Over the two years, Lorraine lost a total of 3 stone (19 kg). * Crucially, she has managed to maintain the weight loss, although not without challenges. Her overall relationship with food is vastly improved. She is no longer battling with her inner critic and constantly criticising herself about her weight and eating. She makes clear and mindful choices around her eating. She asks people for help and more support and is far more assertive. Marie’s quality of life is much improved.

new year new you with Hey Day Weight Loss

HeyDay Weight Loss Participant Paul:

Paul is 46 years old and is diabetic, a condition for which is he taking medication, and is concerned that his health problems will mount if he does not address his weight difficulties. Paul is self-employed and often works long hours. He is a perfectionist and has high standards for himself. He works hard during the day, and when he arrives home he simply wants to kick back and relax. He has three children and they worry about his weight and sometimes point out his need to become healthier.

Paul enjoyed playing sports in the past, but as work life and family life got in the way, his involvement in sports decreased. A knee injury lead to a complete drop in active sports, and his lifestyle is now very sedentary. One of Paul’s’ goals is to re-engage with his local sports club and join the local football club.
Although his GP has warned him that he needs to reduce his sugar consumption, he still struggles to refuse sugary foods, particularly in the evenings. While Paul says that he eats healthily during the day, he is sometimes in denial about his eating. When he has little time for lunch he sometimes grabs fast-food and a fizzy drink. Paul’s needs to be more honest with himself about his eating. He finds it difficult to remain motivated, particularly in the evenings. After work, his idea of relaxing involves eating chocolate, which he enjoys best straight from the fridge while watching TV.

He stays awake watching TV long after he feels exhausted. Although Paul knows what he should ideally do, regarding eating and sleep, he does not listen to what his body needs.  The ‘good’ Paul knows he should not eat chocolate in the evenings as it interferes with his blood sugar levels, while the ‘bad’ Paul thinks, ‘I’ve worked hard today. I deserve to relax and I’m having exactly what I want to eat’.

HeyDay Weight Loss Solution

Paul attended four sessions of one to one weight loss meetings. He then maintained his weight loss journey by availing of the online weight loss program *

Paul’s Weight Loss Success:

Paul mentioned that he lost a total of 3.5 stone (22 kg) over 8 months. * He is currently trying to maintain that weight loss. He has a much better insight into his relationship with food.


HeyDay Weight Loss does not provide medical advice, active participation necessary to help you lose weight, combined with regular exercise and healthy eating. *



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