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HeyDay is a weight loss management approach with a difference – it takes the focus off diet plans and helps participants address their mindset around eating. *  

HeyDay Weight Loss supports people by teaching them practical tools and skills to address habits such as ‘all-or-nothing’ eating, eating for stress or boredom and childhood eating habits. It is a move away from the traditional focus on diet and what you eat, for example, calorie counting. The HeyDay program attempts to address why you eat the way you do, the purpose of this program is to help people feel more in control of their eating. 

The HeyDay program takes the form of an engaging online program, one to one personal weight loss meetings with Dr Bernadette and workshops.

Goals of the HeyDay Weight Loss Online Program

    • Improved ability to manage daily habits and situations that lead to unhealthy eating, such as anxiety or ‘all-or-nothing’ eating habits.
    • Ability to distinguish between stomach hunger and mind hunger, such as boredom or stress.
    • Overcome childhood habits, such as always clearing one’s plate, never ‘wasting’ food.
    • Greater confidence and improved self-esteem and being in control of one’s eating,
    • Once you follow the program it assists you in your weight loss and healthy eating journey, by thinking about why and what you eat.


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HeyDay Weight Loss does not provide medical advice, active participation necessary to help you lose weight, combined with regular exercise and healthy eating. *


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