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HeyDay Online Weight Loss Program Ireland

HeyDay Weight Loss is an innovative online weight loss program that provides support, encouragement and practical strategies to help re-train your mindset around food which in turn helps you control your weight loss. *

HeyDay Weight Loss is an online program with a difference, by taking the focus off diet plans and helping users to address their mindset around eating. HeyDay supports people in learning practical tools and skills to address habits such as ‘all-or-nothing’ eating, eating due to stress or boredom and childhood eating habits. It is a move away from the focus on diet and what you eat, to helping people feel more in control of their eating. *

Control your weight loss with HeyDayWEIGHT LOSS


Are you busy with work or family life?

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Do you eat because of stress, anxiety, boredom?      

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Do you Binge-eat, always eat in the evenings or while watching TV?

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Have tried all the diets but are still struggling?

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Do you eat healthily and  ‘good’ during the week, but then ‘bad’ at the weekends?

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All the above can be nasty patterns and habits that are difficult to eliminate from your life.

HeyDay Weight Loss acknowledges these challenges, patterns or habits and uses practical strategies to help re-train your mindset around food and how to adopt a healthy outlook on dieting and healthy living.

HeyDay Online Program Goals:

  • Start Goal Setting
  • Understand Food Cravings
  • Understand if you are Eating for Stress & Anxiety
  • Understand All-Or-Nothing Eating
  • Discover Sabotage & Set-Backs
  • Discuss Body Image
  • We promote Confidence
  • Learn to Eat Without Guilt (eat healthily)

We help your Weight loss journey on Your Terms & At Your Pace

weight loss videos

Master the Video Series

Bite-size videos provide practical tools and skills that really work to overcome stubborn eating habits.
All from the comfort of your home or office.


weight loss tools

Practical Tools & Expert Chat

An e-workbook, email reminders, occasional phone-calls, and workshops will all help you stay motivated.
Our pre-assessments develops a tailored online weight loss program especially for you.

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Nutritional Advice

Read our blog for nutritional advice, we also send our newsletters with nutritional advice and tips to all our members.
We provide simple and informative nutritional guidelines.


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HeyDay Weight Loss does not provide medical advice, active participation necessary to help you lose weight, combined with regular exercise and healthy eating. *

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